2 days Intensive

You bring your questions. I challenge your thoughts. Within 2 days, you get answers, clarity and confidence. We figure out the answer to the question “What’s next?” and make your every single step tangible for the coming months. Get ready to fly!

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The Thinking Partnership

Want to boost your project, idea, business, or your life and get an 8 or 9 to a 10? Choose this 1:1 partnership with me to accelerate you to your next level of success. Every time I’ve taken a massive jump, it has been in partnership with a coach, teacher, or mentor.

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Trusted Advisor

One-on-one work is always highly personalized. Every program is tailor-made. Together we will depart from your vision, and focus on four pillars: strategy, skill, mindset & energy to create a lifestyle YOU love and grow your people-driven business aligned with who you are and what you believe.

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In-company: bring your team to the next level of success

This service is aimed to help companies create a people-driven company culture and leadership that highly engages employees and attracts culture-fit talents. Say goodbye to high employee turnover, and embrace highly engaged, motivated and happy leaders and employees.

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One Day Deep Dive

*This service is available in Dutch, English and Chinese.

What’s in it for you:

  • Your urgent questions will be solved
  • Clarity, insights & tools you can implement directly
  • A sparring partner who dares to say things to you that most people around you don’t dare
  • Clarity and bullet points of your personal and professional development: the next steps
  • Bespoke resources for your next steps

What’s included in the program:

  • One day special for you, full of insights, clarity, and strategies
  • An half day to reflect, ask questions as after care
  • Recap of tools and next steps
  • An inspiring location (if you are not in the Netherlands, the sessions will be separated into 3 x 3 hours via Zoom)
  • Lunch, coffee & tea

These might be your challenges:

  • How to keep yourself from over-responsibilities and let your people, such as your clients & your team, do their thing (and you do yours)
  • How to be empathetic and set clear boundaries and goals at the same time
  • How to make more time for yourself, family, and things you’d love to do, instead of working too hard
  • How to say no and receive no (being super clear); and how to say more yeses to yourself
  • How to own your leadership and all your achievements, and share your stories with your people; and shine without worrying about making others feel small
  • How to get rid of getting stuck in your mind and how to listen to your intuition and create with ease & fun without fear & doubts
  • How to deal with the loneliness as a leader and get yourself a trusted sparring partner
  • How to ask for what you want, and take action upon, such as a higher price for your service, a bold proposal for your prospects, or a partnership with an authority at your working area

Practical information:

  • The first day starts at 10:00 and ends at 16:00
  • Another half day will be a week later between 9:00 and 12:00
  • Investment: 2250 euro + VAT

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1 on 1 Deep Coaching

You bring your vision and 100% yourself. I bring my magic.
Together we create exponential success.
*This service is available in Dutch, English and Chinese.

You’d love to:

  • Get clarity of your next mission.
  • Make a difference in the world.
  • Build a prosperous career/business that light you up.
  • Stop working hard and live a life from authenticity, flow and trust.
  • Create more impact, freedom, wealth, joy and fulfillment.

You might:

  • Not be sure of your next steps that take you to your new mission.
  • Keep asking yourself what you truly want and why you can’t just be happy about what you’ve created until now.
  • Be done with working hard and be wondering if there’s another way to create exponential success.
  • Be afraid of all the ‘what if’ scenarios: what if I fail, what if people don’t like
    what I am going to do, what if I can’t get clients…
  • Have endless discussions with yourself: who am I to do this?
  • Get stuck in ‘how’: how can I do this, how can I do that?
  • Feel overwhelmed by thinking about all the steps you HAVE to take if you
    say yes to this new mission.
Been there done that.
The thing is that you get nowhere only by thinking.
Time to take your very first steps.

4 pillars: the bridge to your mission

  • Energy: to serve your people and build a successful business/career, you get to take care of yourself first – your energy, mind, body, and soul. What lights you up if you are 100% honest to yourself? What drains your energy? On our journey together, we will continually work on your energy, so that you can bring your best version to serve your clients.

  • Mindset: a small insight can shift everything. We are all conditioned to think and behave in some way. The biggest obstacle to our success is ourselves. We will do deep inner work to discover your limiting beliefs, fears, doubts, and patterns that hold you back. We will also dive into your deepest desires and motivations. Our mission together is to uncover your superpower and let it serve you and your people.

  • Strategy: you have a vision. The strategy will bring you to your vision. What works for me doesn’t have to work for you. I won’t give you a roadmap or a formula that makes you a millionaire within a few weeks. Instead, I will help you sketch your roadmap, test it, improve it until you believe in it 100%, and get lit up by only thinking about it.

  • Skills: What kinds of skills, knowledge, tools, and approaches do you already master and implement? What do you need for your next level of success? Some skills you can learn from me, and some you get to learn from others. In the last case, I will mentor you to find the right match to learn from them.

How we will work together

1 on 1 deep coaching is not for everyone.

Every half year, I only work with a handful of 1 : 1 clients. The minimum agreement is 6 months. And most of the clients choose to work with me for at least a year.

The program and fees are both highly personalized. The tailor-made program is special for you with specific goals. The investment starts at 7,5 K euros excl. VAT.

Money is not the only thing in your investment. You must be ready to invest your commitment, time, energy, patience, and willingness to go out of your comfort zone and break old patterns.

When we work together, it will be 2 x HELL YES! Otherwise, I will say no to you.😉

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In-company service: People-driven
Company Culture & Leadership

How to create a people-driven company culture and leadership
that highly engages and motivates employees & new hires
*This service is available in Dutch, English and Chinese.

This is your challenge:

You have a fast-growing business; at the same time, the employee turnover keeps growing too.
You find it challenging to find candidates who stay longer than a few months with you.
Besides this, you are wondering how to keep your current employees engaged and motivated.

You spent tons of time, energy, and budget to fix the problems.
You hired trainers, coaches, and consultants.
However, nothing really helped.
It frustrates you the whole time.
You are tired of spending so much time and money without results.
As a people-driven leader, you want to see your people enjoy their work and stay motivated.

We get you, 100%!

We see this happens all the time with our clients before we start to work together.
The key to this challenge is to create a people-driven company culture and leadership that highly engages your employees and attracts culture-fit talents.
You might be thinking: NO! Not another culture change project!
Well, this one is different.

The pitfalls of this kind of culture change project are:
❌It takes much time.
❌The process is complicated.
❌It’s not cost-efficient.
❌It’s not sustainable.
❌You will get much resistance, especially at the beginning.

We’ve helped my clients lower turnover and create a higher employee engagement with TWO simple systems and ONE framework.

✔Not like most consultants and coaches, we love simplicity and efficiency.
Our approach is simple but efficient so that you don’t need to read detailed reports
or have studied change management.

✔It’s sustainable. How often have you started with a change project which worked for
a few months and then totally disappeared? It’s all wasted money, time, and energy.
With our approach, the changes stay within the organization.

✔With shared responsibilities and a clear communication plan, the changes will
be adopted much more efficiently within your organization with as little resistance as possible.

✔Last but not least, it’s low cost. We check current resources and use them as much as possible,
so you don’t need to use extra time and budget to create new alternatives.

🔥The most important part: this approach has been tested over and over again. Every time it works.

The results

  • After working with one of our clients for a year, more than 90% of all employees would like to extend my program for the coming year.

  • More than 70% of all employees feel happier than before.

  • After a huge reorganization, the employee engagement score is higher than before the reorganization thanks to my program.

  • People were sharing with us that they chose to stay at the company because the company was paying attention and taking action to increase engagement and happiness at work.

    Your organization can achieve these results too.

    The whole approach with ONE straightforward framework and TWO systems help you create a company culture and leadership that significantly lowers turnover, and gets you highly engaged and motivated (new) employees who are loyal to your company.

    One of our clients texted us one year later: “By looking back I believe you’ve pushed through and got things moving in the right direction. Thank you so much.”

Different packages

Our in-company service is highly personalized. In general, we have three different packages.

  1. Strategy: during a two-days deep dive, we help you find the core challenges. After that, we make plans and strategies for you, so that you know exactly what to do in the coming six to twelve months to build a people-driven company culture & leadership.
  2. The core team: service in 1 + training, coaching & mentoring of your leadership team, so that they master the strategies, skills, mindset & energy to build a people-driven company culture & leadership. This service starts from 6 months.
  3. All-in: service 1 + 2 + the implementation of the whole plan that has been made in service 1. We take care of every step to build a people-driven company culture & leadership for you. This service starts from 12 months.

Wondering which package is a match for you?
Book an exploring call with our team. They will help you find out the best solution.

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Grateful Words of Clients

“Sofie has an unprecedented drive and perseverance, which I have experienced at the Happy People program during our joint period at ABN AMRO. I saw that large groups of colleagues were so enthusiastic about joining Sofies’ program. It was amazing. In this way, happiness at work became a topic and theme of importance.”
– Jan Willem Franken, Creative Strategist & Facilitator

“Sofie is the founder of the Happy People program (happiness at work) within ABN AMRO. Whereas a company typically needs a whole team to set up such a program, Sofie nailed it.Where necessary, she asked for help from colleagues. The program is diverse, accessible, and playful.
Sofie’s strength is creating connections with others. She gets people moving based on their intrinsic motivation. She steadily built one of the most invisible and distinctive programs within the bank. It increased my knowledge and network. And working with my colleagues is fun.”
– Anne-Marie Marree, Digital Expert ABN Amro

“This is the best session I’ve attended in my life.”
– Director of an IT company